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07 August 2011 @ 07:58 am
He Gets That From Me...  
Title: He Gets That From Me...
Rating: PG
Genre: Hurt/Comfort
Character: Rose, Johnny (OC Rose and Ten2's son), mentions of Ten2
Paring: Rose/Ten2/Johnny (OC) 
Warnings: None
Summary: Rose thinks of the many ways that Johnny is like his father, and one way that he's like her.
Author's Note: Just when I thought I was gonna run out of angsty fics for possible solutions to Rose/Ten2's lives I heard "He Get's That From Me," by Reba McEntire on the radio and I had to write this.
Author's Note 2: This is the first time I've posted to this community, so if I've broken any rules please let me know. I've read the rules, but I might have missed something. 

 Rose watched her son, Johnny, and smiled. He was climbing up from under the basement holding a new robot he was building for her to see. He used to build them all the time with John, before he died.

John had held out longer than he had expected himself to, probably because his body was more Time Lord than Donna’s but he still burned eventually…slowly. Rose and Johnny were there, while he lay in bed. Rose remembered how John fought back against the burning for three days, before his body had no more to give. He screamed as his mind collapsed in on itself, and the Rose knew she shouldn’t have let their son see his father like that, but she didn’t have the heart to take Johnny away from John in his last moments. John had managed to bite back his screams long enough to turn his head and place his hand on Johnny’s face, as matching tears ran down their faces.

Take care of your mother,’ he had said, before he gave a pained groan and faded from away from them.

That had been four years ago, when Johnny was only five.

Now, Johnny bounded up the stairs, wide brown eyes framed by thick rimmed glasses. He proudly held up his robot for Rose to scrutinize.

“It’s nice,” Rose told him, bending down and fingering the deep blue paint.

“Yeah,” Johnny said a bit sadly, but his grin and hyper tones hid it well—so much like John. “D’you recognize it?”

Rose stared at it for a long time. The robot was small, with tracks and a simple hammer attachment on the top. It was a much too simple rig for Johnny to be working on now; he did, after all have his father’s brain. She stared a bit longer when realization set in.

“Your father…” she whispered, as she took the robot from his proffered hands.

This had been the robot they were working on, when John started to fall. Their first real robot; where Johnny had done more than just ‘supervise’. Rose had tried to get him to finish after John had died; because she knew he would have been capable of it, but he had furiously refused. But, He never had the heart or the desire to throw it out, and it went for years sitting unfinished in a box.

Rose would catch Johnny, sometimes. He would take the box down from its shelf and finger the components, but never going beyond that. Sometimes he would cry over the parts, and other times he would laugh at the fond memories he had. The last time was different though…

Johnny was sitting on his bed, when Rose passed by, ready to tuck him in, when she caught him talking. Rose remembered his words as clearly as if he had said them yesterday.

‘Hi, umm, God,’ he had said unsurely. ‘I don’t know much about praying or you or anything really, but I know you had a reason for taking my daddy, and I miss him. I think sometimes…I still need him…”

Jonathan had picked up a picture of his father grinning from the box and held it in small shaking hands.

‘I just need for him to know that I love him, and I think sometimes that there is no way that he couldn’t know, but I have to be sure and…just let him know that I’m gonna…I’m gonna finish what we started together…for him,’ Johnny stuttered the last bit out, as tears rolled down from his cheeks and landed on his daddy’s picture.

Rose had wanted to go to him then and there and scoop him up in her arms, but it felt wrong to interrupt him. She just stood outside his room for a long time, while she listened to him fumble out a good-bye and thanks to a God that she didn’t know he believed in.

Johnny’s words broke Rose out of the memory.

“Yep,” Johnny said, as his brown eyes softened behind his glasses. “I realized that he would have wanted me to finish it.”

Johnny pointed out the blue paint.

“It was Daddy’s favorite color,” Johnny told her, and flipped the robot over in Rose’s hands and showed him, what he had carefully painted in pink and yellow paint on the bottom. “He told me that these colors became his second favorites after he met you.”

Painted in pink and yellow paint were the words: ‘Love Always.’

“It’s beautiful,” Rose told him, while she handed him his robot back and ruffled his messy brown hair.

Rose thought about how right now, Johnny looked and acted so much like his father. She hemmed and hawed over whether or not she should tell him this, and she decided it was for the best.

“You’re a lot like him,” Rose told him quietly.

“Really?” Johnny asked, letting his face brighten slightly, as he pulled a flat head out of his pocket and make a minor adjustment to the hammer device.

Rose nodded and pulled him into a hug. Johnny hugged back and hung onto her tightly.

“I miss him,” Johnny admitted, embarrassed.

“I know,” Rose whispered in his ear.

Johnny nodded as he pulled away and scrubbed his eyes with his hand.

“I’m gonna go put this in my room,” Johnny told her suddenly, while he scampered up the stairs.

Rose nodded and went up the stairs slowly. She glanced in Johnny’s room to see him placing the new robot on the floor and testing it as it rolled around the floor. She glanced up at his shelf, at his more complex designs. All of them were different. Every time he’d build a new one he’d run up to Rose and explain every detail of what it could do and how he’d build on top on it next time. He’d ramble for hours about it…just like John.

Softly smiling, as she continued into her room and sat on the bed. It was the same bed that John had died on. Most people would have thrown it out to try to rid themselves of the awful memory, but for Rose the bed held too many fond memories to abandon. It made her feel close to John, when she needed him most.

Picking up the picture of John, she kept on her bedside table, she traces a finger down his grinning face and smiles back.

“He is so much your son, John,” Rose told the picture. “He rambles forever, he makes me smile, and he’s already smarter than me.”

Rose let out a small chuckle before she continued.

“But he loves you and misses you and that’s one thing he gets from me,” Rose said.

Rose kissed the picture of John and placed it back on the table. She got up and walked to Johnny’s room, maybe they’d pray together tonight…
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country_whocountry_who on August 7th, 2011 01:14 pm (UTC)
Aw, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to, but It was a very heart breaking song.

kelkat9 on August 7th, 2011 01:36 pm (UTC)
Sniff sniff. That was beautiful CW! Now we need some fluff to make it better.
country_whocountry_who on August 7th, 2011 01:39 pm (UTC)
Thanks, KK. :) I'm actually planning something a bit more angsty, for the next who_contest prompt: Away From Earth, but there's a bit of fluff and humor in the beginning, but I am tied to my computer at the moment, so I might think of something really fluffy. :)